A Legal Breakup

As a landlord, you agree to provide shelter to your tenants in exchange for cash. Your lease agreement will spell out how long the rental period is for, the amount of rent and when late penalties apply, among a host of others. A lease agreement is a bona fide contract, enforceable in court, so whatever Read More >>

Happy Campers

One of the most important things new landlords learn is how valuable quality tenants truly are. You invest in real estate for both property appreciation as well as a monthly profit each month but in order to pocket that profit you need to have someone paying the rent on time each month. When evaluating a Read More >>

Pick the Middle

Real estate investing, like any investing, has elements of risk. Eliminating and reducing risk is essential for the successful real estate investor. One way to reduce the risk and increase profits is to buy properties in the middle end of its neighbors. What’s that? Say you’ve identified a neighborhood to work and there’s a good Read More >>

Just Your Type

Doing the same thing over and over again sounds boring, doesn’t it? Going to the same restaurant or seeing the same movie for the 10th time has little appeal. But when it comes to real estate investing, doing the same thing over and over again can make you more successful. How? If you buy a Read More >>

HOA Rules: Obey or Pay

A recent trend over the years has been the emergence of condominiums, a community interest development or planned unit development, or similarly structured community that is governed by rules called convent ants, conditions and restrictions, or CC&Rs. As such, you’ll also join a club called the Homeowner’s Association, or HOA. There is no choice on Read More >>

Giving Credit

As a property owner, there may be times when you’re approached to finance the entire purchase. Perhaps the buyer is having problems finding a mortgage and you’re asked to be the bank. That might be a consideration, but what do you need to prepare for when you’re the bank? First, find out why the buyer Read More >>

Short Sale Voicemail

If you’re new to the world of real estate investing and wanted to get in on the lucrative short sale market, you may have been a bit surprised to find the bank holding the upside down property wasn’t exactly as quick on the draw as you would have liked when returning your phone call. Maybe Read More >>

Getting to the Short Sale Offer First

If short sales are the latest, most effective tend for real estate investors, which means finding the short sale before others is critical to your real estate investing success. As a bank considers a short sale, crucial time will pass by. How can you find short sales? When lenders begin their foreclosure process they’re required Read More >>

Calling the Bank

Isn’t that the way it’s done? Don’t you just call up the bank and ask for a list of their foreclosures? If you call the bank, which department do you speak with, the mortgage department? REO? Workout department? If you want to get inside a bank’s inventory, there are a few things you can do Read More >>